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Coaching Requirements and General Information


When you register your child to play you can indicate your interest to Coach. You can also email us at or message us on our Facebook page. Make sure to let us know what division you want to work with.



All coaches must complete the CDC Concussion course at  The training is free and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Once complete, you will receive a Certficate of completion.  Please print that as proof that you completed the course. 


All coaches are required to complete a Criminal Offender Records Investigation (CORI) consent form.  Any information received from the CORI is kept confidential.  The form is located below.  Please print, complete and deliver it to a board member  You must bring identification to confirm identity.   If you have questions, please contact us at 



Please review the attached Coach Welcome Letter for important league policies and general information.  Feel free to print and distribute to your player's parents.



This handy grid will help you allocate playing time equally.  There will be copies at each gym but feel free to print so you can plan your rotation in advance.



Since we depend upon using school department property, supervised by the Parks and Recreation Department, there are several regulations that must be followed. Coaches are to inform their players and parents of the following league and school policies:

  1. EBA provided uniform/shirt must be worn for all games. 
  2. Players cannot modify their uniforms/shirts. Meaning they are NOT allowed to “cut the sleeves off”, “put names on them” or alter their shirts in any other way.
  3. No jewelry is allowed during games or practices for safety reasons.
  4. Personal basketballs are not allowed in the gyms. Balls will be provided for your games and practices.
  5. NO food or drink other than WATER is allowed in the gymnasiums. Each school has water fountains available for everyone’s use. Also, please have your team (players & fans) be responsible for the clean-up of their trash before they leave the gym.
  6. Players and coaches should not arrive sooner than 15 minutes before their designated starting time for a practice or a game. Be sure at the conclusion of your activity, all of your players leave with a parent or guardian. No one should be left at the school unattended.
  7. Respect the other team's practice / game time. Please do not shoot or dribble while another team(s) practice is running.
  8. You are responsible for player supervision. Always be aware of where your players are and be sure they do not roam the hallways or loiter in the locker rooms.
  9. Locate the board member for assistance should anyone require first aid treatment, (Band-Aid, ice pack, etc.). There are first aid kits in each school.
  10. In the event of cancellation (weather or otherwise), a Sports Illustrated Play Email will be sent to all participants notifying them of cancellations. Please make sure your parents have accurate email addresses on the system and have them check their email frequently. You can also check our Facebook page. We will also do our best to post cancellations on our website: Whenever Easthampton schools are cancelled, all games & practices are also cancelled.
  11. We encourage you to utilize the Sports Illustrated Play team wall to communicate to your teams. It is the simplest way to communicate with your teams.